Getting A Promotion, Part 2

Contrary to popular belief – and the photograph above – promotions are not handed out on silver platters. Getting a promotion is a combination of skill set, training, attitude, and a number of often intangible factors. Bottom line: promotions and raises aren’t just handed out because employees feel they deserve them. Employees need to prove […]

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Getting A Promotion…

I was having a discussion with a friend the other day and they asked, “How quickly does someone become a Doorman?” This lead to a discussion with a ton of different tangents, before returning to the basic answer of: What is that individual’s experience and skillset? There are few jobs in a Nightclub or Entertainment […]

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Denying Nightclub Entry

There are two basic realities when doing business in the Club world: Not everyone can get into your establishment and not everyone should be allowed into your establishment. There will always be times when someone is denied entrance to your club, for any number of reasons. The fact is that there are basic rules and regulations […]

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