How To Break Up A Bar Fight

While this blog is generally targeted at Security professionals, I occasionally like to include information that I believe will be useful/helpful to the general public as well. This is a post that – should you pay attention to it – will come in very handy. A couple of months ago, I was approached by a […]

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What’s The Scenario?

A local Head of Security and I were discussing a variety of topics the other day and the subject of training came up. And while many security teams in other fields – Executive Protection being one – practice scenarios on a regular basis (or at least they should), I have rarely seen a Nightclub Security […]

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Bouncer Fails

Every month I like to do a little Googling of the word “Bouncer” and see what comes up. The results are usually some type of fight video or altercation between a Bouncer and a Patron. And in about 50% of the cases, the Security Staff are too hands on. If you read my last post, […]

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