Nightlife entertainment venues tend to be dark. Some darker than others, but almost all fall into the “Gee, I can’t see very well in here” category. And, as such, it is necessary for anyone working in these darkened environments to have some means of navigation and illumination. While well-lit walkways and stairwells are great, there […]

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A Nightclub Doorman’s Gear….

The job of the Doorman is not easy to begin with, but if you are working without the necessary tools it can be downright horrible. While there is basic gear that every Security Staffer needs, the Front Door is an area with particular needs. Between the Doorman, Door Outs, and possibly a VIP Host, there […]

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Security Staffers often overlook one of  the most basic elements of their job: THE GEAR. Unfortunately, the importance of the gear that you carry is not often realized…until you need a particular piece of gear at a particularly important moment. What follows is a breakdown of recommended gear for Security Staffers, from the ground on […]

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