What Does A Bouncer Do?

What does Security actually do? A lot of different things, many of them unseen by the general public. Here’s a little breakdown for you – with liberal doses of humor. If you can’t laugh at life once in a while, what’s the point? A tip of the hat to those who work in the field, […]

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What’s The Scenario?

A local Head of Security and I were discussing a variety of topics the other day and the subject of training came up. And while many security teams in other fields – Executive Protection being one – practice scenarios on a regular basis (or at least they should), I have rarely seen a Nightclub Security […]

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Situational Awareness 2.0

Our previous discussion included a definition of Situational Awareness, how to practice it while on the job, and how to keep on your toes (i.e. playing the “What if…” game) during long, boring shifts. While all this is well and good, it is important to note that obsessive concern about one’s environment, safety, and security […]

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Situational Awareness

How many times have you heard the following phrases? “I never saw him coming.” “That car pulled out of nowhere.” “The fight just broke out. I have no idea how it started.” In our everyday lives, things occur around us at a rapid pace. We are constantly bombarded by stimuli in our environment: cars, televisions, […]

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Weebles Wobble…

…and they sometimes fall down. I was going to talk about ejections today, but then and I thought about it, and what better time to discuss intoxicated patrons and how to deal with them than the Friday of Fourth of July weekend? Yes kids, it’s that time again! The weekend when people decide it is […]

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