Violent incidents in Nightclub settings

Control the space and you can control the issues within it or keep them from occurring.

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How To Break Up A Bar Fight

While this blog is generally targeted at Security professionals, I occasionally like to include information that I believe will be useful/helpful to the general public as well. This is a post that – should you pay attention to it – will come in very handy. A couple of months ago, I was approached by a […]

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Pre-Attack Indicators

While we do post about the ridiculous on occassion, for the most part we try to keep things (semi) serious on this blog. Humor is necessary, but the reality is that working Security in any type of setting is dangerous. Add alcohol to the mix (no pun intended) and the potential for violence and danger […]

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Scenario training

In light of the the recent tragedy in Aurora, CO, I think it is important to revisit the idea of Scenario Training. I will simply redirect you all to this link for more information. Some food for thought: 1) Does your Security Staff keep all Exits clear AT ALL TIMES? 2) Do all of your […]

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Bouncer Fails

Every month I like to do a little Googling of the word “Bouncer” and see what comes up. The results are usually some type of fight video or altercation between a Bouncer and a Patron. And in about 50% of the cases, the Security Staff are too hands on. If you read my last post, […]

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To Fight or Not To Fight?

Actually, the answer to this particular question is simple: you should never fight. I suppose some clarification is needed. If you as a Security Staffer instigate a fight or start a fight yourself, you’ve failed at your job. There is no reason why you should get a Patron so upset that they take a swing […]

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“I’ve Fallen And I Can’t Get Up!”…or Nightclub Incidents and How to Record and Report Them

Yep, that’s right, the Paperwork Monster strikes again. Don’t run and hide from it, be a hero and face it down! SIT DOWN, DON’T FALL DOWN… For some reason, when people see someone else fall down, they laugh. Some comedians have made entire careers out of prat falls. But in the really world things like […]

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