Happy New Year!

Hello and welcome to 2017. We hope that you had a break over the holidays and were able to recharge your batteries a bit. We’ve been busy behind the scenes: creating new content, researching new equipment and ideas, and prepping a few surprises. Over the course of the next month, we’ll be rolling out some […]

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Spring Break Safety Tips

A little deviation from the norm this week as we approach Spring Break across this great land of ours. This one is for the kids! Spring Break! Ah, the memories: Sunshine, the beach, attractive guys and gals, refreshing beverages, and adventures to last a lifetime. While our Spring Break days are long over, we are […]

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Taking inventory

Businesses of all kinds run inventory checks throughout the year. And while 99% of inventory processes involve physical materials (stock or goods), I think it important to consider your Security Staff while doing “inventory checks”. I do not mean physically lining up your staff and counting them to see if you’ve lost anyone. What I mean is […]

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Weapons in Nightclubs

Safety is one of the greatest concerns you have as a Security Staffer. Working in a dimly lit, noisy environment, full of semi- to heavily intoxicated individuals of every possible background should be enough to make anyone sweat a little. Add to that the reality of your job being to limit liability in said environment […]

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Attitude and Approach, Part 2

If you search the Interwebs, you will find numerous images under the title “Sleeping Security Guard”. I would love to say that this is not an issue encountered on a regular basis…but unfortunately, it is. And while I posted the photo above to illustrate a point, the point is NOT “Don’t sleep on the job” […]

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