Security Audits and Staff Training

Nightclubs, Restaurants, and Entertainment Venues are constantly exposed to liability risks: intoxicated Patrons, physical altercations, and poorly trained Security Staff to name just a few. All can lead to potentially dangerous situations for your clients and almost certain litigation for you as a manager or owner.

Performing a security audit and implementing its recommendations can result in reduced labor costs, increased security and efficiency, and greater Employee and Patron safety for your establishment.

What is a Nightclub Security Audit?

A Security Audit is the process through which we are able to ascertain potential safety and security issues, in order to point out specific areas of concern and their possible solutions. A thorough audit typically assesses the security of a location’s physical configuration and environment, policies and procedures, and Staff practices.

Do we really need an Audit?

Auditing provides a clear picture of security control performance and allows our clients to make the necessary changes, tweaks, and purchases to prevent liability and security issues. The auditing of security controls checks the condition and administration of security point products, examines existing policies and procedures, and offers numerous benefits, including the following:

  • Measuring efficiency of operations
  • Evaluating compliance with company policies
  • Building the foundation for a comprehensive incident response or security plan

How does the Audit process work?

An audit consists of our consultant meeting with you to ask about your concerns, examine your existing infrastructure, physical facility, and staffing, and go over a checklist of potential problem areas. Through observation of your establishment (plainclothes if requested), Staff interviews, and document reviews, we will discover any areas of liability risk and vulnerability. We will then analyze our findings and use them to develop a comprehensive report, making practical recommendations to protect your establishment from liability. Coast Executive Services can then create a set of security policies and procedures specific to your establishment.

How much does an Audit cost?

Our base audits start at $100 an hour and go up in price depending on the scope of the audit, the size and complexity of the company, and the resources on hand.

Do you work with small bars/clubs/restaurants?

Our belief is that everyone is entitled to safety and security, both in their personal lives and at work. To this end, we will work with any size company to offer the best possible solutions for their existing concerns.

Can you create a Security Plan for me?

We specialize in creating Security Plans of any size and scope.

How can we integrate this Security Plan in our existing structure?

The integration of a Security Plan is dependent on what is currently in place and the improvements or changes that may need to be made. One of our goals is to create a Security Plan that can be easily integrated with your current workforce and place of business.

Can you help me hire new Security Staff?

While we do not involve ourselves directly in the hiring process, we can create a set of best practices for your company to follow.


What does your Training Program consist of?

Each nightlife venue will have a different need. Our onsite program takes a multi-faceted approach to training your Staff in a series of best practices:

  • Use of Force Training
  • Conflict Resolution & Dealing with Altercations
  • Hospitality and Communications Skills
  • Spotting Fraudulent Identification
  • Identifying Intoxicated Individuals
  • Date Rape and Club Drug Awareness
  • Incident Report Writing

You chose the area of focus, we train your staff to it perform with professionalism, safety, and courtesy.

Do you provide Licensing or Certifications for Security Staff?

No. Your Security Staff should be licensed and certified by a State entity!