Call for interviews!

Share your knowledge, share your experience, and help us grow as an industry!
The Tao of The Velvet Rope is our weekly podcast where we discuss the myths, truths, and realities of nightclub security and examines the best practices for nightlife security. As we enter our third season, we are looking to interview industry professionals (domestic and international) in order to present our audience with diverse viewpoints and approaches to the field. Whether you are a Security Staffer (any amount of experience), Doorman, Head of Security, or a Managers/Owner we would love to hear about your experiences.
We cover the following topics in our interview sessions:
• Your personal industry history and experience
• Your philosophy and approach towards security and running a security team
• Security issues or concerns that are specific to your establishment(s)
• How security has changed since you started in the field
• Which security trends to expect in the future
• The security trends you believe need examination or discussion
While there may be some promotion of your company or venue, the main goal of the interview is to gain an understanding of the field and provide other security professionals with suggestions, concepts, and solutions to help broaden their skillset; as well as to provide our non-security audience with a glimpse into a too-often misunderstood field.
We happy to provide you with questions ahead of time and see where the conversation takes us. Interviews typically run between 30 and 60 minutes and, once completed, usually go to air the same week.
You can find our podcast on iTunes and any number of other streaming services or on our landing page at
If this is something that might interest you or someone you know, drop us an email at

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