Encouraging Bad Behavior

Every once in a while, I see something that just makes me shake my head. This new “game” is absolutely one of those things.

Far be it from me to tell people what kinds of games to play or how to spend their free time. But any game that replicates an environment where violence is likely to occur on a regular basis and encourages that violence is – in my opinion – not only extremely unhelpful but suggestive in a negative manner.

We know that fights occur on bars because one of our jobs is to prevent them. Having a game intentionally place you in an environment where you can start fights is, in a word: stupid. Fights are violent and dangerous. And, unfortunately, they are often the precursors to more violence and tragic outcomes. There is nothing “fun” about them. Encouraging the idea is not only irresponsible but unnecessary.

What say you? Is this something we need or something to ignore?

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