Don’t be a “Bouncer”

Over the course of the past few years writing this blog, the importance of  being “professional” and all that might entail has been reinforced in a number of our posts. Instead of a long reiteration of said posts, I thought that a few quick sentences could demonstrate how not to be – or be perceived as – a “Bouncer”. Please understand when I say “Bouncer”, I mean what the general public believes “bouncers” to be: large, menacing individuals who would rather fight than talk, and who take pleasure in belittling Patrons because they are on a power trip.

Here is a basic list – which if followed – will at the very least help you keep your job in the industry and possible even help to burnish your reputation. Much of it will seem like common sense…unless you’ve spent any time in a nightclub, in which case many of the sentences are far too common.

DON’T start fights

DON’T lose your cool over small things

DON’T be rude to Patrons

DON’T argue with intoxicated individuals

DON’T sexually harass your Patrons

DON’T drink on the job

DON’T play favorites with your Patrons

DON’T work for tips

DON’T make fun of or belittle your Patrons

DON’T sexually harass your coworkers

DON’T ignore your Patrons when they are trying to ask you a question

DON’T argue with your supervisor(s)

DON’T fight with your co-workers

DON’T automatically assume the intoxicated Patron is wrong

DON’T complain about your post for the night

DON’T get on a power trip

DON’T expect to be let go early

DON’T pick sides in an argument between Patrons

DON’T get upset when Patrons call you, your mother, or different members of your family terrible names

DON’T act like you are better than anyone on the Staff or in the line

DON’T lose your cool over big things

DON’T go into work with a bad attitude

DON’T sell drugs or tell Patrons where they can buy drugs

DON’T expect that intoxicated people will listen to anything you say

And, most important…………


Until next time.


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