100th Post!

imgresHard to believe, but we have made it to that magic number:



100 posts is a lot of writing, a lot of information, a lot of research, and a lot of creativity. It is also a sign of the commitment that we have to you – our readers. When this blog was started, the original idea was to create an “…open forum for analysis, commentary, and discussion on the current state of nightclub security. (Our) goal is to entertain, inform, and ultimately educate our readers on topics from client ejection to ID checks and everything in-between.” I would say that, 100 posts in, we have managed to do a pretty good job of it.

But why do I write the blog? I’ve never fully addressed why and this seems like as good a time as any!

1) “Everyone is entitled to safety and security” – Not only is this the motto of our company, but is my strong personal belief. There is no reason that everyone can’t be safe, whether at home or at work. Nightclub Security entails a very specific type of workplace with very specific safety and security challenges. By addressing these challenges and offering practical solutions, we are helping to bring people – whether Patrons, Employees, or Management – one step closer to our goal of making everyone safe.

2) Education – It is my belief that by reading this blog, individuals working in the field of Nightclub/Entertainment Security can read up on any number of topics and in doing so will – hopefully –  be able to do their job in a more safe and secure fashion. One of the reasons that the blog covers so many topics from so many angles is to expose people to sides of the business that they may not be aware exit or chose even to ignore. By educating our readers, we are able to increase their knowledge base, which in turn helps to create safer, better informed, and more functional work environments.

3) This blog is fun to write – The ultimate factor in the creation of this blog is the fact that it is FUN. Where else can someone discuss topics like Dress Code, Ejections, or even Paperwork AND inject a little humor? The goal is not only to inform, but to make sure that you enjoy what you are reading. Security is serious business, but one of the biggest downfalls of the profession is that people are unwilling to step back and laugh at themselves, the system, or the people within it. Life is too short to walk around with a constant scowl. We try to make this blog accessible to everyone by using humor, which in turn also makes it A LOT of fun to write.

Not much else for me to say this time around. Thanks to all of our readers, service providers, and supporters. Here’s to another 100 posts!

Until next time…

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