Nightclub Lawsuits

This post is pretty straightforward.

We always discuss how to do your job in the most professional way possible. And why it is of the utmost importance that you take your job and your co-workers’ jobs seriously, regardless of venue. But every once in a while, we have someone ask one of the following questions:

Why should you…

…hire licensed guards?

…train your employees to recognize intoxication?

…make sure your co-workers are sober when they come to work?

…have a set of Policies and Procedures?

…develop a Dress Code?

…give your employees Sexual Assault and Sensitivity Training?

…have a Drug and Alcohol Policy?

…run Scenario training with your co-workers?

It’s pretty simple: LIABILITY.

Just follow the links below and you’ll know why in short order.

Injured man gets $58m after bar fight

VA man agrees to settle claim bouncer broke his ankle

Parties settle in bar lawsuit

Nightclub owners agree to $4.2M settlement

Nightclub operator lawsuit focusing on drugs and sex settled

Bar tried to keep out Black people, claims lawsuit

It is your job to keep yourself, your co-workers, your employees, your venue, and most importantly, your PATRONS safe. Always. This can only be done by being trained, acting professionally, being objective and patient with intoxicated individuals, watching each other’s backs, and coming to work well-rested and with a positive attitude.

Until next time…

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