Taking your job seriously…


I hope that you all have a nice relaxing Holiday Season and are approaching 2013 refreshed and renewed.

We finished out 2012 with a post about the importance of showing up to work and having a strong work ethic. The begin 2013, I think it is important to have a brief discussion about taking your job seriously. Some people might ask, “Is there a difference between having a strong work ethic and taking your job seriously?” Well, many people show up to work everyday and do their job, but go about it in an unorganized or halfhearted way. They would consider themselves to have a strong work ethic (they showed up, didn’t they?). Others would say that the serious nature of their job (i.e. security) proves that they have a strong work ethic. But that doesn’t mean that they do the job well, work within a structured environment, or take the job seriously.

In my humble opinion, if you are working in the field of Security – regardless of environment – you have an obligation to not only take your job seriously, but to work as hard as possible to make sure that you do the job well. How does one do this? It is pretty simple actually:

  • Show up early for your shift
  • Show up in uniform or dressed to work
  • Show up with all your equipment in working order
  • Check in with your Supervisor/Manager immediately
  • Ask what you can do in addition to your posted duties
  • Take time before, during, and after your shift to figure out how not only how to improve your job performance, but how to help others improve their job performance
  • Work with others to solve problems
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help
  • Be willing to accept criticism
  • Minimize your distractions

Do keep in mind that taking your job seriously and working to improve yourself and others DOES NOT mean that you can’t joke with your co-workers or try to enjoy the work you do. After all, if we can’t let loose a little, we’ll burn out fast. But keep in mind that while you are on the job, your main focus should be WORK.

In other words:


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  1. Great article! I just need to find a proficient way to convince the staff, most of whom have never seen a “real” fight, this side of a television screen, that I take the job seriously for a reason. That people can get a knife or gun no matter how small the town is, and psychosis is rampant all over, as well. But I would rather them be angry with me for being overly strict than, their anger being born of someone getting hurt do to my negligence.

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