It has been another great year at Coast Executive Services: new clients, new training, and of course, a ton of new posts! But any business owner worth his or her salt knows that their success is not complete without the support of a network of other businesses and individuals. I am eternally grateful to all of those who helped make this year a great one.

TONIC Nightclub, THE SAVOY, BLUSH Restaurant and Lounge, and INDOCHINE – Much appreciation to Asaf Dimant, Eric Satterblom, Brennan Titus, Will Norton, Markus Reich, and all of the hardworking Security Staffers in each location. Here’s to a successful 2013!

ICON Services Corporation – To the Instructors and Staff, I extend a heartfelt thank you for the training and opportunities over this past year.  I am truly blessed in the knowledge that I have the backing and support of such a talented group of professionals.

Mr. Elijah Shaw – For the constant mentorship, instruction, employment, networking, and support, I am deeply grateful and appreciative. I can say without reservation that the past year would not have been the same without you and the ICON family.

R.L. Oatman and Associates – Thank you for the opportunities and employment this year. Mr. Oatman, your mentorship and support have been driving forces in my continuing development in the field of Security.

CrossFit Pacific Coast – I am humbled and grateful for the partnership and opportunity to teach our Women’s Self Defense Course. But more importantly, thank you, Traver and Eric for your amazing friendship.

CrossFit Goodland – Many, many thanks to the membership for pushing me to achieve my best. And to my coaches, especially my dear friend Nick Conn, thank you for continuously putting a smile on my face, even in the middle of a brutal workout.

RCSOMA and Sifu Ray Copeland – Thank you for beginning my Martial Arts journey those 15+ years ago, and for your infinite support, instruction, and wisdon as I continue to find my way.

Dog Brothers Martial Arts, Guro Marc Denny, the NoHo Tribe, and all of my Dog Brothers – Thank you for the continuing inspiration, direction, instruction, and the bumps and bruises. You are the reason I continue to push myself to “Walk As A Warrior For All My Days”.

To My Friends and Readers – Thank you for not only continuing to support me, but for giving me new ideas, inspiration, and the drive to continue my quest to provide the best information possible to the largest possible audience.

And last, but certainly not least, many thanks to MY WIFE for pretty much everything. Without her support, direction, inspiration, patience, and help, absolutely NONE of this would be possible.

We’ll see you next year!

Working Security During The Holidays

I’m not in the habit of re-posting to this blog. As a matter of fact, I think it is one of the bigger cop-outs when it comes to writing a blog – anyone can just copy and paste. However, I also see the benefit to re-posting when there is an issue that bears repeating or needs additional emphasis. This is not a re-post as much as it is a re-write of a post I did around this time last year. It was a popular post, with the most common comment being, “I’ve been wanting to say this FOR YEARS!”.

So, without further ado and with a few minor changes, here we go…

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of working with individuals of high integrity, strong work ethic, and exceptional character. I have also had the displeasure of working with slackers, layabouts, whiners, and the occasional ne’er do well. (I will now brush off my own shoulder for the use of such descriptive words…thank you.) When you work the field of security, there are many realities that you have to learn to face – or at least should – at an early stage of your career. The main one is this:


As a matter of fact, you will probably have to work EXACTLY when you have something else to do! Security is a profession in which your skill set is in demand ALL THE TIME. When most people are doing something else, you are working. Period. This is especially true during the Holiday Season. During the month of December, there are parties, events, parties, and events…and did I mention parties? They will fall on every conceivable day of the week, but usually on weekends. And definitely on the days that you were expecting to do your Xmas shopping. Or that your grandmother is coming to visit. Or on your “day off”.

First, let me clarify that I am not complaining about working wherever, whenever. It’s my job, I do it. Period. Have I missed out on fun, celebrations, vacations, and holidays due to work? Yes. Will I work again if asked? Yes.




Whenever December rolls around, there WILL be events. And there is a good chance that Security will be needed to work them. Remember, people need to be safe 24/7/365. This is especially true during the Holiday Season, when people are known to get a little “loose” at parties or stressed while shopping. And yet, as soon as Staffers start getting scheduled to work, the whining begins:

“Why do I have to work again this year?”

“Bob always gets New Year’s off!”

“But I have a work party to attend!”

Let me break it down for you a little:

Do you want a job or do you want convenience?

Sometimes your job makes your life inconvenient. You aren’t paid to set your own schedule, someone else pays you to work THEIR SCHEDULE. And there is no convenience during the Holiday Season, especially in the service industry. Don’t like things that way? Start your own business. Actually, don’t. Because when you work for yourself, you work ALL THE TIME…especially during the holidays.

If you want time off for the holidays, ask for it in advance.

Way in advance. Like a month in advance. And remind your manager every week until the time you get off. Why? It’s responsible, mature, and shows initiative. Remember, everyone will want the month of December off. Also, you should realize that there is a good chance that you will NOT get Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s off, even if you ask. If you’re lucky, you might get 1 out of the 3. And in reality, if you’re lucky you’ll be asked to work all three because your skill set is in demand.

Sometimes in life we have to do things we don’t want to do.

Sorry, that’s just the way it is. As the old saying goes, “Sometimes you eat the bear … and sometimes the bear eats you”. Sometime you have to work on your birthday. Or your wife’s birthday. Or your boss’ birthday. Or on Xmas eve. Or New Year’s Eve AND New Year’s Day. If your free time is more important than your job, especially when your job entails random hours and unpredicatble situations…you should find another job.

Take one for the team.

No one else can/will/wants to work? Maybe you should step up and show the boss that you are willing to do whatever it takes to be part of the team. I guarantee that if you volunteer to work over the Holiday Season you will get to witness your employer looking simultaneously confused, excited…and impressed.

On the flip side, you can’t act like a whiny baby if you get scheduled to work, you haven’t asked for the time off, and it’s your job to keep people safe. The only thing that acting like that will guarantee is someone else doing your job…once you are fired for not doing it yourself.

So prepare yourself for the Holiday Season. It will be hectic and it will be tiring. The hours will be long, the parties ridiculous, and the lines even worse. Smile, take deep breaths, and remain patient, even when you have to escort drunken Santa out of a bar full of people. But then again, if you didn’t like a challenge, you probably would have chosen another profession…right?

Until next time…