Scenario training

In light of the the recent tragedy in Aurora, CO, I think it is important to revisit the idea of Scenario Training. I will simply redirect you all to this link for more information.

Some food for thought:

1) Does your Security Staff keep all Exits clear AT ALL TIMES?
2) Do all of your Security Staffers have working flashlights/radios?
3) Are your Exit Doors locked to prevent illegal entry?
4) Do you have Emergency Lighting in your locations in case of loss of power?
5) Does your Security Staff know the location of your Fire Extinguishers?
6) Have you ever gone over Evacuations in case of a Fire/Earthquake/Gas Leak?
7) Has your Security Staff discussed procedures for dealing with Armed Patrons?

As our world becomes more dangerous and unpredictable, it is imperative for us as citizens to be vigilant and prepared for any eventuality.

Until next time…

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