Coast Executive Services does more than Security Consulting.

We think it is important to be an active part of our community and to teach our community members to be active participants in their own safety and security. As such, we have partnered with CrossFit Pacific Coast to teach a Women’s Self Defense Course.

Our next class will be July 28th.


WHEN: Saturday, July 28th. 12pm – 4pm
WHERE: CrossFit Goodland
COST: $95

With a combined 50 years of martial arts training, personal protection experience, and self-defense study, Traver Boehm and Miguel DeCoste will show you how to recognize, avoid, and if necessary, defend yourself during a potentially violent encounter.

This course will dispel myths about martial arts and self-defense, help you to identify the signs that a violent encounter is imminent, and teach you the practical skills necessary to defend yourself in any physically threatening situation.


* Fears, Myths, and Realities of Physical Assaults
* Attackers and their Patterns
* Safety and Situational Awareness (Street, Office, and Home)
* Using Your Body’s Natural Weapons
* Physical Drills and Scenarios

This 4-hour seminar will be informational and physical in nature. Be prepared to think hard, get physical, and sweat. The techniques that will be taught are basic, but extremely effective. What is taught in this class, if used when needed, will save your life!

Contact Crossfit Goodland for more information:  (805) 455-5653

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