Life is too short to not have fun. And while the job of Security is a serious one, you are in big trouble if you take yourself too seriously. A sense of humor is key. So this week, a little bit of fun… MOST RIDICULOUS THINGS SAID TO BOUNCERS (and what should have been the […]

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What’s your policy?

In the next couple of months we will be discussing the Employee Manual and why it is important for your place of business. But before you can put together a Manual, you have to decide on your Policies and Procedures. Most nightlife establishments have policies for their Bar Staff and Management, but surprisingly few have […]

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Law Enforcement and You

When you work in varied fields of Security as many of us do, you start to notice the differences in attitude and pre-conceptions that individuals in each field have regarding one another. If I were to ask five different people how they felt about Police Officers, Bouncers, and Mall Security, I would get five different […]

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