End of Year Wrap Up!

Wow! Another year gone by and what a doozy. We’ve covered a whole range of topics from Situational Awareness to Who Works The Front Door. If you want to have some fun, go back and read through some of our past posts. I guarantee you will learn something.

I wanted to finish out the year by thanking all of those individuals who not only make what we do here possible, but who have supported me and the company as we continue to grow and improve!


Asaf Dimant, Brennan Titus, Josh Lewis, and Eric Satterblom for their continued business and support.

The Security Staffers at Blush Restaurant and Lounge, TONIC Nightclub, Indochine, and EOS Lounge. Keep on keeping ’em safe!

Nick Conn and the coaches and athletes at CrossFit Goodland for keeping me motivated, in shape, and working hard.

Eric Malzone and Traver Boehm at CrossFit Pacific Coast for your coaching, and for partnering with me to create our Women’s Self Defense Class.

Shaun Lager for an excellent product, a great sense of humor, and actually “getting it” when it comes to working security.

Dax Gulje and Jeff Baker for allowing me to beat up on them occasionally and helping indulge in my quest for deeper martial arts knowledge.

Elijah Shaw and Robert L. Oatman for continued inspiration.

Nightclub Staffers and Patrons everywhere. Without you, we wouldn’t have the stories, topics, or jobs that we so thoroughly enjoy.

And last but not certainly least, my wife, Su. None of this would be possible without her devotion, understanding, and limitless support .

There are more than a few changes coming in the New Year. But for now it’s time for a little break, a little battery recharge, and a headlong dive into more adventures.

Until next time…

1 comment

  1. Thank you for the kind worlds, Miguel. I enjoy the Tao of the Velvet Rope as it’s a great mix of news, opinion and just the right about of humor to keep it interesting. Continued success in 2012!

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