Female Security Staffers

One of the first questions I ask when talking to prospective Nightclub clients is, “Do you have any female Security Staffers?”. Nine times out of ten I get a puzzled look and the response, “No. Why would I?”

I’m going to let you all in on a little secret today….

Females who work security are awesome.

I won’t waste your time listing the reasons why people think women should not be working security, because they are ridiculous. Instead, I will focus on the incredible benefits of having women work Security in your establishment

1) Searches – If you are a bar or nightclub that performs any type of physical search at the entrance to your establishment, by law you must have a female conduct the search on your female customers. Plain and simple.

2) Altercations – There is always a small possibility that a male Security Staffer will be accused of some type of sexual harassment should he have to break up a fight between two women. Not the case if you have  Female Staffers. Female Staffers are also less likely to use force in a physical altercation. Most women (notice I didn’t say “all women”) don’t have the “macho” ego is easily bruised by someone calling their mom bad names, hence aren’t rushing to defend their “manhood”.

I’ve also found that most women working Security are more patient and generally have quicker wits (and snappier comebacks) when dealing with tense situations. Sorry guys, them’s just the facts.

3) Calming Influence – Some men (notice I didn’t say “all men”) are incredibly hesitant to respond negatively to a woman breaking up a fight or asking what the problem is, which can be very helpful in defusing situations.

4) I See You – Women are better at spotting the questionable guy at the bar. They can more easily differentiate between a harassing Patron and a guy being flirtatious. Why? Because they’ve been hit on by men way more than you or me. Promise.

5) Bathrooms and Undercover Work – Men cannot enter the Ladies Room. A Female Staffer can go into the women’s restroom to clean up, break up an altercation, pick up the drunk sorority girl, or spot the questionable behavior (drugs) that may be taking place. A Female Staffer can work “undercover”, circulating the bar, watching Patrons, and reporting on anything out of the ordinary without being noticed. It’s much harder for a man working solo undercover to not be noticed – they tend to look like stalkers.

6) Working The Rope Line – Women working the Front Door are an incredible asset. They can control the VIP List with more skill, work the line with more tact, and can sometimes act as a deflecting shield for a stressed Doorman. “I’m sorry guys, my manager (points to the Female Staffer) makes the rules. You can take it up with her.” A great tactic and works amazingly well.

You should strongly consider Female Staffers. They tend to be more confident, less confrontational, more level-headed, and have far less ego. And for all those who say that women can’t handle themselves in a physical confrontation, you’ve obviously never been choked out by a 100 pound female BJJ practitioner. ‘Nuf said.

Until next time…

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