A Nightclub Doorman’s Gear….

The job of the Doorman is not easy to begin with, but if you are working without the necessary tools it can be downright horrible. While there is basic gear that every Security Staffer needs, the Front Door is an area with particular needs. Between the Doorman, Door Outs, and possibly a VIP Host, there are a range of responsibilities and equipment to help and make your job easier. So here is another entry in our series on Nightclub Equipment.


Most every club should have a stanchion or “rope” system in place. On the most basic level it is a way to keep people in line and designate where they need to go in order to enter the club. In larger establishments, ropes can be used to separate general admission from VIP and direct flow of traffic as people enter or exit. Whatever the purpose, purchasing ropes will improve your life. Where to buy them? How about a Google search?

CLICKERS (Tally Counters)

One of the more overlooked pieces of gear at the Front Door, “clickers” can save you from the heartache and frustration of being over-capacity and verify your in-door totals for the night. When used in conjunction with a Nightly Report, they can also track your business over the course of an evening.


This one is just too obvious. VIP lists, Guest lists, Promotional lists, holders for Nightly Reports; whatever the use, a clipboard or two is always necessary at the front door.


Kind of hard to write without these, yes?


Always have spare flashlights and batteries….please. Without fail, you will have a flashlight crap out on you during a shift. And it is pretty darn hard to find a replacement at 12:30 a.m. Trust me, I’ve tried.


Entrance Mats and Runners are another piece of equipment that I often notice are missing from establishments. Again, on the most basic level, they make your place of business more attractive. But more importantly, they cover you from slip and fall liability…literally! Place these at your Entrance and your Entry Lines. A solid investment, always.


Believe it or not, you haven’t come close to seeing every ID every created from every part of the world. No, really, you haven’t. And sometimes you might even be wrong about an ID you’ve seen a million times. Yes, really, you have. Cover your back, or at least show that you’ve put  in the effort buy purchasing some ID guides.

These come in very handy if you have foreign exchange students in a college town or a influx of out-of-towners during the Summer/Holiday season.


I’ve discussed the importance of communication on numerous occasions. Everyone should be on a radio and using them with some regularity. If you don’t have radios in your establishment by now, you are just a disaster waiting to happen


ID Scanners are used by many Nightclub Doormen and they find them to be incredible helpful. They can (often) register fake IDs, head count, and even to note individuals who have been 86’ed by your place of business. On the downside, they can slow down your line, aren’t always accurate, and can lead to laziness on the part of your ID checker. Ultimately, I am about 50/50 on the use of scanners, but the choice is yours.

My preference is to use a device such as The ID Sleuth (which I reviewed). It is portable, easy to use, and costs a fraction of an ID Scanner.

Pretty basic, easy-to-fill list, isn’t it? Most establishment should be able to acquire most of the items in this post. Do it, it will make your Doorman’s job much, much easier.

Until next time…

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