The Bat Cave…or the Security Equipment Room

The Coat Check. The Box Office. The Manager’s Office. The Liquor Cage.

Chances are  you know where each of these locations are in your place of work. But how many of you know where the Security Equipment Room is in your Bar/Nightclub? Chances are you have no idea where it is…because it may not even exist. Many Bars/Nightclubs/Restaurants give their Security Staff a box, or a shelf, or maybe a locker or two in which to store their equipment. In reality, it is just as important for the Security Staff to have an Equipment Room as it is for the Manager to have an office. An Equipment Room is at its bare minimum just that: an Equipment Room.

A separate room will give your Head of Security/Manager a place to hold meetings or have conversations where it is quiet and private. Any disciplinary measures or questions from Staff can be addressed away from the paying Patrons and any and all paperwork can be worked on away from the noise of the crowd. And honestly, it is nice for your Security Staff to be able to take a break from the craziness outside that doesn’t involve walking down the street to the coffee shop or sitting at the back of the Bar!

In a perfect world, your Equipment Room would contain a clock, a phone/fax, a computer (linked in to your CCTV system, scheduling, and payroll software), a filing cabinet for paperwork, a few lockers (possibly a coat rack), storage bins or shelves, and plenty of space for 2-3 individuals to prep for their shift. But we don’t live in a perfect world, so a good starting point would be some shelves and a coat rack.

Your team’s gear should also be held in this room:

  • Radios, earpieces, and chargers – Plugged in and ready to go…ALWAYS. And please don’t forget extra batteries and earpieces.
  • Flashlights – It still amazes me how many Security Staffers work without flashlights and how many establishments don’t have enough flashlights for their Staff. Again, extra batteries are never a bad idea.
  • Paperwork and logs – Checklists, Nightly Reports, Incident Reports, Applications, Disciplinary forms. All should be kept in this room. All relevant Personnel Paperwork may be kept in the Manager’s office, but it is fine to keep it here IF it is in a locked, secure cabinet!
  • First Aid Kit – There should be several in your establishment, but a large kit in this room.
  • Office supplies – Pens, paper, pencils, stapler, tape, etc. You never know when you need to whip up a sign or grab an extra pen.
  • I.D. Checking Guides and other relevant books
  • Box of Ear Plugs/Box of Latex Gloves – For safety and hygiene.
  • Spare clothing – 2-3 extra sport coats, t-shirts, or whatever your Staff need to wear for a shift. Staff may need to change out of their original clothing for any number of reasons! And there should always be extra clothing for them to wear.

There are a ton of other items that could go on the list, but these basics will get you pretty far. Your Equipment Room need not be The Bat Cave, but a Security Staff needs its own space to be able to do things without getting in the way. Keys for entry to the Equipment Room should be limited to H.O.S. and Manager for safety’s sake and remember to always lock the door when you leave.

Keep your Staff happy, and they will keep your Establishment and its Patrons safe.

Until next time….

1 comment

  1. I‘m glad at the fortuitous coincidence of my accidentally stumbling across your blog while looking for pictures to use in a blog post of mine, about a security personnel perspective of New Year’s Eve celebrations at Bars, Nightclubs, Private parties, etc.

    That was approximately 45 minutes ago, and I’ve been reading your posts ever since! I like your methods, approach, and theories! Your overall security technique, or at least what I can derive from these writings, is similar to mine, which I have been taught, deduced, determined, and developed through my experiences over the last ten years.

    Complimentary digression aside; I just wanted to convey, that; what you’re doing here, providing tips that may keep people safe and having a good time, also may make life a little easier on our brothers behind the ropes and at the doors, but most especially this blog’s effect on, or at least assistance with reversing the stigmatization of doormen, club security as violent and felonious sociopaths yearning to make patrons bleed and establish a reputation as ruffians, goons, or thugs pretending to be bouncers; is noticed as well as appreciated. Thank you. Keep it up, because so long as you do I’ll continue to read/support your presentations, here.

    Brother Doorman;

    P.S. I apologize for the length of the comment, but I am surprisingly excited that I had discovered your blog, also; I am writing a paper on the origins of the, as I call it; “Skull Thumper” persona, , of security staff in the Night club industry, if you have any thoughts, theories, or ideas concerning as much I would appreciate your input. Again, great work! I appreciate it, and keep it up!

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