Nightclub Security Positions (Part 2) – Floormen

Anytime an establishment has a security force, there are bound to be at least one or two Staffers who get to stay in one place all night long. Whether a guard at Buckingham Palace or the security guard at the Mall Information Booth, these individuals generally don’t leave their post and are tasked not only with security, but with the answering of questions and giving of directions. And while many find these posts to be boring, they are an integral part of any Security Staff.

STATIC POSTS (aka Floormen, Boxmen, Halls and Walls)

These Security Staff members are also tasked with basic club security. They generally remain in one place, with the specific goal of watching a designated area of a bar or nightclub. They may be casually dressed, with a shirt reading “SECURITY” on the back, or they may be upgraded to a suit and tie.  Static Posts are key because they are able to get a good “feel” for the crowd in their particular area and are able to maintain a circle of protection around places like stairwells, entrances and exits, or dance floors.

Skill Set and Responsibilities:

  • Have general knowledge of a Bar/Nightclub’s Policies and Procedures. That means reading your establishment’s Security Manual! (You will notice that this is a recurring sentence, and for good reason)
  • Monitor Patrons for signs of intoxication or aggressive behavior.
  • Lookout for hazards to Patrons and Staff, including: broken glass, bottles, chairs, tables, and any other possibly dangerous obstructions. While Roamers generally perform this function, a Static Post should be well aware of any hazards that may get in the way of Patrons, especially when posted in front of Entrances or Exits.
  • Monitor male-to-male behavior like rough-housing and possible early stages of altercations. This should included talking to any individuals who appear to be causing trouble. Static Posts are tasked with “calling in” to Roamers with any problems that they might see in their area.
  • Interdict and de-escalate verbal and physical altercations between Patrons. Generally, this is as back up to Roamers.
  • Securing all remote Exits. Make sure your Static Posts are supervising of all doors, entryways, and exits in their area.

Static Posts are like Air Traffic Controllers: they direct traffic and watch for trouble. These posts should be placed on raised platforms as often as possible. This is important for several reasons:

1) It gives them a good view of your entire establishment. Being above the masses allows them to spot trouble deep in the crowd, where Roamers might be able to see.

2) It lets Patrons know that someone is watching. No one wants to misbehave when they are being watched.

3) It is helpful when they are communicating with Roamers. Static Posts can use flashlights to pinpoint problem spots or guide Roamers to trouble.

It is a good idea to move Static Posts around every 30 minutes or so. This allows them to stretch their legs and keeps them from getting too comfortable and complacent. If necessary, Static Posts may also be tasked with the final “Push” at the end of the night in order to get Patrons out of the establishment.

Next time: Door Outs

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