Nightclub Security Positions (Part 1) – Roamers

The Bar and Nightclub Industry has changed dramatically in the past 10-15 years. Between liability and loss prevention, ABC regulations, and the introduction of social networking, the business is becoming more and more detail and Patron oriented.  Different promotions on different nights of the week, Facebook invites, Twitter, FourSquare, and 18+ nights all add up to increased workload as well as an increase in the need for job-specific training.

There was a time when all Security were “Bouncers”. But the advent of the upscale lounge and high end nightclub has changed this as well. Now, more than ever, people want to know your title when they walk in the door. Doorman, Floorman, Roamer, VIP Host, Host, Promoter…can anyone really keep track? And ultimately, does it matter? I would argue that while the title is NOT always necessary to the position (whatever that position may be), an understanding of the basic job duties that particular title holds IS always necessary.

In this next series of posts, I will cover the basic Security Staff positions and their various responsibilities. (As always, feel free to make any changes you wish in accordance with the type of bar or club you run)

ROAMERS (aka Floormen, Floaters)

These Security Staff members are tasked with basic club security. They generally circulate throughout the venue, acting as a visible security deterrent. More often than not, they are casually dressed, with a shirt reading “SECURITY” on the back.  Roamers are in many cases the most important members of your Security Staff. They are the cops on the beat, in touch with the vibe of the crowd and usually the first to arrive at any incident or disturbance.

Skill Set and Responsibilities:

  • Have general knowledge of a Bar/Nightclub’s Policies and Procedures. That means reading your establishment’s Security Manual!
  • Lookout for hazards to Patrons and Staff, including: broken glass, bottles, chairs, tables, and any other possibly dangerous obstructions. This is really the Roamer’s main responsibility as they have a better view of the Club than your Doorman or VIP Host.
  • Circulate throughout the venue, evaluating the conduct and attitudes of Patrons and looking for inappropriateness and misbehavior. They should be on the look out for early signs of intoxication or intoxicated Patrons.
  • Monitor male-to-male behavior like rough-housing and possible early stages of altercations. This should included talking to any individuals who appear to be causing trouble.
  • Interdict and de-escalate verbal and physical altercations between Patrons.
  • Attend to the needs of over-intoxicated or physically ill Patrons. That might mean carrying out an intoxicated Patron or holding a woman’s hair back if she is ill.
  • Attend to general cleanliness of the establishment. This means cleaning up spills, broken glass, and yes, bodily fluids if necessary.
  • Securing all remote Exits. Not every Exit will be visible from every part of the establishment. Make sure your Roamers are checking that doors are closed and locked, and that access to Exits  is unimpeded.
  • Monitor  for overcrowding and traffic flow. All Roamers should be carrying flashlights and directing traffic in crowded areas (Hallways, Bathrooms, Dance Floor, Stairwells) to prevent fire hazards.
  • Monitor behavior, line cutting, and traffic flow in Restrooms. Many fights begin in and around bathrooms. Keeping an eye on this area of the establishment will not only porevent altercations, but will cut down on illicit drug use.

Roamers should work in pairs when at all possible and should ALWAYS be equipped with a radio. In some instances, a Roamer may be used for initial set-up of your establishment: placing chairs and tables, brooms and dustpans, and any stanchions needed. They may also be tasked with the final “Push” at the end of the night in order to get Patrons out of the establishment.

Next time: Static Posts


  1. Sounds like a bad situation for you and your establishment. Definitely time to move on to a more professional environment!

    1. Thank you, been a great, low- key place except saturdays, not alot of fun. wanted to talk the guy running the blog, been searching for some advice and a venting outlet, there is lawsuit that i voluntarily deposed for so its double jeopardy and this is his way of gain leverage by pointing to that, nothing lasts forever but the battle is joined and no one wants to be screwed but its time to think of my rep and the silliness of the whole scenario.

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