Intro to Paperwork…

Nothing gets people more excited than the word “Paperwork”. And in spite of its inherent thrill factor and the dangers of getting too excited about it…Paperwork must be done.


At the end of a busy night, the last thing you want to do is sit down and file reports or fill out a schedule. Nobody wants to do Paperwork. Nobody. It is time consuming, mind-numbing, and often times confusing.  So why do it at all? The most basic reason is liability coverage. If something goes wrong, is supposedly overlooked, or is  thought to be ignored, a good paper trail can save your butt in legal proceedings. Alternately, if someone needs information or is contesting your nightclub’s polices, a piece of paper elucidating your position can be extremely helpful. Any time a Patron, Client, Partner, or Owner asks for proof of your particular stance on something, being able to produce said proof in a printed form is of paramount importance.

Let’s look at the areas in which Paperwork comes in handy:

Employee Policies

Patron Policies

Hiring and Interviews

Daily Checklists and Reports



Each of these areas NEEDS Paperwork in order for you to do your job more efficiently, keep track of your employees, and let your customers know how you do business. A well-kept filing system with solid Paperwork can save you the trouble of having to rely on your memory or other people’s second-hand knowledge of events. Creating Paperwork also gives your Management Team the opportunity to actually sit down and discuss what you want your Policies and Procedures to be and how to go about delineating them. As a result, you may even learn a little something about your own business!

I will try to make the learning process easier for you by breaking the Paperwork Posts into small, easy to digest segments, each of which will cover a specific area: Forms, Reports, Checklists, etc. This will allow you to decide what Paperwork you need, how to compose it, and ultimately, how to use it.

So, be forewarned, Paperwork is coming and there is nothing you can do to escape!

Until next time….

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