Open Up!

For many people who hold jobs, starting the work day is pretty straight forward: walk into the office with a cup of coffee, start up the computer, read some emails, and kill time until the boss catches you or you actually have to start work. Guess what? Many people who work security in nightclubs and […]

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The Best Martial Arts for Bouncers

Sorry for the delay in posting kids, but the last week was all about recovering from a weekend which consisted of many hours in a doorway conversing with individuals experiencing severely technical difficulties. In other words: dealing with drunks. But on to the subject at hand… Martial Arts for Bouncers I have yet to work […]

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Language and Etiquette

Seeing as today begins one of the craziest weekends of nightclub work in my hometown, I thought it only fitting to discuss two of the most overlooked aspects of the working security: how you talk and how you act towards Patrons. Much of the discussion that we have here does focus on customer service, but […]

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