So it begins….

Welcome to The Majesty!

The Majesty this an open forum for analysis, commentary, and discussion on the current state of nightclub security. The goal is to entertain, inform, and ultimately educate our readers on topics from client ejection to ID checks and everything in-between.

The format will be casual: a story here, an anecdote there, but always with a bit of humor and some (hopefully) insightful commentary.

You may ask, “Why is the blog titled ‘The Majesty’?”. Well, many years ago, when working the door of a nightclub, my co-worker and I would say, “The Majesty…” whenever faced with a ridiculous situation: be it a fight, a drunk, or just plain customer stupidity. It was a sarcastic term of endearment that pretty much summed up working in the industry.

Feel free to chime in with your own stories and comments. Again, we are all about open discussion.


Flaming, insults, racist commentary, trolling, and generally stupid or bad behavior will be dealt with by Post/Comment deletion. Kind of like being in a bar: act like an adult and you’ll be treated like an adult!

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