What do bouncers and magicians have in common? If you answered top hats, white gloves, and waxed moustaches, you are amazing……ly incorrect. Seriously though, what do they have in common? Both magicians and bouncers use distraction techniques. Magicians use distraction to keep you from noticing how they perform their trickery. Bouncers use it to get […]

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Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ‘Em!

I’m sure that you are all wondering, “What does MC Hammer have to do with nightclub security?” Absolutely nothing. But the words “Don’t Hurt ‘Em” are important and have a lot to do with nightclub security. In the last post, I discussed Use of Force and gave an example of poorly applied Force. Today, I’ll […]

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So it begins….

Welcome to The Majesty! The Majesty this an open forum for analysis, commentary, and discussion on the current state of nightclub security. The goal is to entertain, inform, and ultimately educate our readers on topics from client ejection to ID checks and everything in-between. The format will be casual: a story here, an anecdote there, […]

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